Course Description

Examination and Records is one of the most important dental courses that a dentist will master on the path to complete dentistry. The cornerstone of the Dawson philosophy begins with a comprehensive examination and the gathering of accurate records. As Dr. Dawson says “every great treatment plan comes from a well organised records appointment”.


Through lecture and hands-on, you will learn a complete examination and record gathering process. You will devise a treatment plan, using your comprehensive records to make a thorough diagnosis. You'll master how to take excellent clinical photographs, a facebow record, the easiest, simplest and most predictable way to take a centric relation bite record as well as muscle examination and TMJ analysis.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire the skills to perform a TMJ/occlusal examination.
  • Learn the co-diagnostic process of the examination and how to ask future focus questions.
  • Locate, verify and precisely record centric relation and mount casts onto an appropriate semi-adjustable articulator.
  • Acquire the skills to use a macro digital camera to shoot a series of diagnostic photographs.
  • Learn how to do a comprehensive smile analysis and how to recognise the flaw in any smile.
  • Acquire skills to educate each patient during an examination.
  • Evaluate the masticatory system for signs of instability (wear, mobility, migration, muscle issues, of TMJ dysfunction) and ensure the patient understands the problem.
  • Select a protocol for when to get CT, MRI, etc based on range of motion, history and load test.

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Course Information

Day 1 and 2: 8.30am – 5:30pm
(lunch provided)

Day 3: 8.30am – 12:30pm

Instructor: Dr Ian Buckle, Teaching Assistant, Mentors

Tuition fees: £1995 + VAT

CPD credits: 20

Class size: 20

Development outcomes: A, C

Recommended prerequisite: 
Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design

Target audience: General Dentists, Specialists, Lab Technicians 

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Course Dates

  1. March 21, 2019

    The Dawson Academy UK, Wirral

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  2. September 26, 2019

    The Dawson Academy UK, Wirral

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Neil Harris

“I remember sitting in the Comprehensive Examination and Records module, with Dr Buckle describing the relationship between the teeth, jaws and muscles, when suddenly everything I had learned in the last 2 decades suddenly fitted into place! I always describe this as my light bulb moment!”

Dr Neil Harris, UK
Fernando Peyrallo-1

“I learned how to take good records of a patient and how to be organized and thorough in what I do. The use of the Dawson checklists and protocols helps me in my daily practice.” 

Dr Fernando Peyrallo, Spain
Marie Moller Lund

“We were introduced to the theory and tools needed to do a systematic and thorough examination. We learned how to locate centric relation and why CR is paramount in treatment planning. This means that I can give my patients a better and complete treatment, which is the main goal in my work. I wish we had been taught this at university.”

Dr Marie Møller Lund, Denmark