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Course Description

This hands-on programme will teach each participant to perform anterior restorative procedures at the highest level. All direct and indirect options for the restoration of anterior teeth will be discussed in this programme.


Through lecture, patient video, and hands-on each participant will gain mastery with anterior direct resin veneers, stacked and pressed ceramic veneers, pressed ceramic crowns, anterior zirconia crowns and bridges, and porcelain fused to metal. You will learn which material should be considered for each individual patient circumstance. You will utilise digital photographs in conjunction with the mounted diagnostic models to visualise the necessary functional and aesthetic changes, and create a diagnostic wax-up. You will learn how to create preparation reduction guides, and provisional matrixes to guide them through the preparation appointment. Special emphasis will be placed on contouring the provisional restoration, and why this is key to long-term functional and aesthetic success. Finally, cementation and adhesive options will be understood and discussed in detail so that the proper delivery option is matched with each material.

Learning Objectives

  • Choose the correct vertical and horizontal incisal edge position for any maxillary aesthetic restoration that will be in harmony with aesthetics, phonetics and function.
  • Choose the correct mandibular incisal position and understand why this is the functional starting point and also one of the most critical decisions we make.
  • Fabricate preparation reduction guides to insure optimum reduction with every anterior preparation
  • Prepare teeth for a variety of materials when utilising veneers and crowns.
  • Compare how to easily fabricate exquisite provisional restorations for both veneers and crowns and how to contour them to insure optimum aesthetics, phonetics, and function.
  • Learn the key elements in laboratory communication to insure a predictable result.
  • Evaluate the options to manage the gummy smile: when a gingivectomy or osseous surgery is optimal when changing the free gingival margins, and how to perform these procedures.
  • Make optimal final impressions.
  • Choose the correct cement/adhesive for each material covered in the course.

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Course Information

Day 1 and 2: 8.30am – 5:30pm
(lunch provided)

Day 3: 8.30am – 12:30pm

Instructor: Dr Ian Buckle, Teaching Assistant, Mentors

Tuition fees: £1995 + VAT

CPD credits: 20

Class size: 20

Development outcomes: A, C

Recommended prerequisite: 
Functional Occlusion – From TMJ to Smile Design, Examination and Records, Treatment Planning Functional Aesthetic Excellence, Achieving Predictable Aesthetic ResultsThe Art and Science of Equilibration

Target audience: General Dentists, Specialists

Where to stay: View local accommodation

Course Dates

  1. March 7, 2019

    The Dawson Academy UK, Wirral

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  2. April 5, 2019

    "Clinica Aesthetica Heltai Gaspar 22, Cluj-Napoca"

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  3. September 12, 2019

    The Dawson Academy UK, Wirral

    View Schedule
  4. March 5, 2020

    The Dawson Academy UK, Wirral

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Noel Perkins

"The Dawson Academy core curriculum is an investment in yourself and your team, and requires a commitment to continually improving the standard of care that we provide to our patients. Improving the predictability of our treatment outcomes will pay dividends in the future. Attendance at each module was a 650-mile round trip for me on each occasion, but it was definitely worth it."

Dr Noel Perkins, UK
Mark Durnall Resized

"It's amazing how 3 days can change the way you practice for life. I had so many light bulb moments.... truly fantastic how something that at first look is incredibly complicated can be broken down into a few basic lists that make it so predicable every time. Thank you for your time and your passion is inspirational, I genuinely feel privileged to have attended your course."

Dr Mark Durnall, UK
Claus Dønvang

"I want to thank you and your entire staff for the world class education. It has changed my dentistry immensely. I have been able to help lots of people with their occlusal problems, and I have been able to create beautiful smiles that I would not have had a clue about only years earlier."

Dr Claus Dønvang, Denmark