Watch Our Webinar: "Why Dentistry Fails"

Predictable results, a profitable outcome, and a happy patient are what we strive for daily as Dawson dentists.  While many dental procedures are routine and typically yield predictable outcomes, there are times when dentistry fails.

Watch Dr. Leonard Hess discuss "Why Dentistry Fails" in a Dawson Academy exclusive webinar. Dr. Hess explores why, how and when dentistry fails our patients and discusses ways dentists can improve their patient's outcome and profitability.

View the Webinar.

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Webinar Tonight: Dr. Buckle To Speak On Occlusion & Aesthetics

Join Dr. Buckle tonight for an exclusive LIVE webinar from Dentinal Tubules discussing the concepts of occlusion and how to effectively incorporate technology for successful treatment planning. Dr. Buckle will take a step-by-step approach as he lays out the core principles of complete dentistry and how it relates to improved patient care.

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Watch Free Webinar: Minimally Invasive Restorations using Gurel’s APT Technique

Dr Ian Buckle discusses minimally invasive restorations using Gurel's APT Technique

While we all try to solve our patient’s problems with minimally invasive solutions, there are still many occasions in which restorations are needed and some degree of tooth preparation is necessary.

Using the Dawson Academy’s Solution Driven Preparation Technique allows the Clinician to visualise in 3D where the final restoration and hence preparation needs to sit in space. Gurel’s APT technique places the provisional restorations over unprepared (or slightly recontoured) teeth allowing the Clinician to produce the most minimal prep solution.

In the webinar, Dr Buckle discusses:
• The solution driven preparation
• How to produce a diagnostic wax up simply & quickly
• Composite mock up
• The APT technique
• How this relates to everyday dentistry particularly wear cases

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