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Preventing Porcelain Breakage in Restorations

When it comes to the placement of a porcelain veneer or other dental restoration, thorough planning and evaluation of all aspects of the patient's masticatory system are the keys to a predictable and lasting result. In a recent article in EduGuide, a Dentistry publication Dr. Ian Buckle discusses the important elements of treatment planning for the best outcome. From lifestyle habits to careful analysis of tooth contact during biting and chewing, gaining a complete understanding of how the new restoration will fit within the structure of a patient's occlusal system will determine the comfort and integrity of the result.

The concepts of Complete Dentistry, as taught in the Dawson Core Curriculum, are applicable to all aspects of dental care. Dr. Buckle applies these concepts when planning, designing and placing a porcelain restoration.

Dr. Buckle provides detailed information that can serve as a guide when designing a porcelain restoration for a patient. He offers eight key factors to consider during the process, the final one being "meticulous adhesive technique" to prevent chips, breakage and provide a comfortable bite.

About Dr. Buckle

As the Director of the Dawson Academy UK, Dr. Buckle oversees the operation of BD Seminars, a facility for postgraduate dental education and clinical research. In addition to a thriving private family dental practice, Dr. Buckle travels widely to lecture on the Dawson principles that guide his dentistry.

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