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Welcoming the Future: 3-D Printing and Dentistry

BD Seminars and Dr. Ian Buckle have always embraced the use of technology to augment evaluation and treatment planning when it can offer improved accuracy for a better patient experience. We have recently purchased a 3-D printer for use in the creation of dental models as part of the planning process. Models provide not only a multi dimensional and more realistic view for better patient communication, but can also supplement digital images and visual exams when evaluating a patient's occlusion and overall dental health.

Our dentists are also able to use this new technology for printing dental splints, often used in treating TMJ related disorders to position the bite correctly. Having the ability to use both digital images and 3-D printing can enable us to provide more predictable and convenient care for our patients. We will continue to incorporate the use of 3-D printing technology as new applications develop. In many ways, digital technology enhances our comprehensive approach to dentistry as an additional source of information and a resource to be used when working with patients.

The Future of Dentistry: Where Are We Headed?

The possibilities are endless as laser, digital and 3-D printing technology are incorporated into the field of dentistry. Studies are already underway on the viability of 3-D printed dental implants and other dental appliances. Imagine being able to come to our office and leave with a new tooth or denture that was created to your unique specifications while you wait?

One of the important benefits of these technologies is portability. The effective use of new technology can both improve results for patients and open the doors for those who may not be able to access or afford today's treatment options. As a team, we look forward to new avenues of treatment, new discoveries that provide greater insight into oral health issues and lasting smiles for our patients.

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