Watch Our Webinar: "Why Dentistry Fails"

Predictable results, a profitable outcome, and a happy patient are what we strive for daily as Dawson dentists.  While many dental procedures are routine and typically yield predictable outcomes, there are times when dentistry fails.

Watch Dr. Leonard Hess discuss "Why Dentistry Fails" in a Dawson Academy exclusive webinar. Dr. Hess explores why, how and when dentistry fails our patients and discusses ways dentists can improve their patient's outcome and profitability.

View the Webinar.

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Preventing Porcelain Breakage in Restorations

When it comes to the placement of a porcelain veneer or other dental restoration, thorough planning and evaluation of all aspects of the patient's masticatory system are the keys to a predictable and lasting result. In a recent article in EduGuide, a Dentistry publication Dr. Ian Buckle discusses the important elements of treatment planning for the best outcome. From lifestyle habits to careful analysis of tooth contact during biting and chewing, gaining a complete understanding of how the new restoration will fit within the structure of a patient's occlusal system will determine the comfort and integrity of the result.

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Four Basic Core Principles To Doing It Right


My Dad always used to say, “If you are going to do something, do it right”. I think many of us
came to The Dawson Academy like I did to “do it right”. We started by taking the core
curriculum lecture and hands-on courses and followed those with more topic-specific courses.
We proceeded along our journey to provide our patients with the best possible long lasting
dental care, but getting to that point is not always as easy as we’d like.

Unfortunately, it is easy to get sidetracked along the way and lose sight of the end result. It is
not that we don’t want to do things the right way, it can just become difficult and confusing. It is
not enough to just take courses, the key to success is putting into practice what we have
learned. If not, nothing will change.

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Full-Mouth Consideration

Dr. Ian Buckle, a senior faculty member of The Dawson Academy speaks about full-mouth consideration for minimally invasive dentistry for beautiful smiles with lasting health. Combined Dr. Dawson's philosophy with the modern patients, Dr. Buckle works to reduce the impact on natural tooth structure through comprehensive analysis and pre-treatment planning.

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Welcoming the Future: 3-D Printing and Dentistry

BD Seminars and Dr. Ian Buckle have always embraced the use of technology to augment evaluation and treatment planning when it can offer improved accuracy for a better patient experience. We have recently purchased a 3-D printer for use in the creation of dental models as part of the planning process. Models provide not only a multi dimensional and more realistic view for better patient communication, but can also supplement digital images and visual exams when evaluating a patient's occlusion and overall dental health.

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