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Dr Buckle and The Dawson Academy faculty offer a wide range of elective programmes that will enrich your learning experience and provide supplemental training to ‘Complete Dentists’ and their staff.

Occlusion 101: Physiology, Anatomy and Biomechanics of Occlusion

CPD hours:
£1995+VAT / Early Bird: £1695+VAT


The first step on the pathway to mastery of dental occlusion is acquiring a strong conceptual understanding of its scientific basis. Restorative dentistry and orthodontics always change the patient’s dental occlusion whether the dentist is aware of it or not. Even minute changes to the height or shape or the position of a tooth, change force patterns on the entire masticatory system. In turn, every change in force patterns impacts oromotor behavior.This course guides attendees through the scientific principles that are the foundation of dental occlusion. It will provide a deep understanding of neurophysiological, anatomical and biomechanical principles that dictate how and where the teeth occlude, facilitating the treatment of complex problems such as bruxism, clenching, TMD and sleep apnea.

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